Activity events

  • New Item——Tv Clock

    New Item——Tv Clock

    Are you tired of watching much the same alarm clock on the market? Change of the new flavors! doulex2013 new TV alarm clock, fun colors, nostalgic TV modeling awaken memories of your childhood.

    Date:2013-1-30 0:00:00

  • New item—Doughnut Humidifier

    New item—Doughnut Humidifier

    Doulex designer creat a new idea, make a simple and mini humidifier in history-Donut Humidifier.

    Date:2013-1-4 0:00:00

  • New Product—Desk Lamp

    New Product—Desk Lamp

    This desk lamp using handbags modelling, concise and easy, but easy to change, the mobile lighting tool; At the same time, it can be hung on the wall, is also a beautiful scenery.

    Date:2013-1-2 0:00:00

  • New item—Magic Cover Humidifie

    New item—Magic Cover Humidifie

    Magic cover humidifier, selection of environmental protection silicone material for cover, can optional collocation other cup. If you don’t use it to add wet, it can also be used as a cup.

    Date:2012-11-9 0:00:00

  • New Product—Controlled Car Lamp

    New Product—Controlled Car Lamp

    Controlled car lamp is another smart light after controlled little-boy night light, like a Cartoon car roaring out from wall , the product itself interpretation of the special controlled induction rate.

    Date:2012-9-29 0:00:00